The Violin Course at Brandlehow Primary School in Putney is an inspiring music educational project. Every academic year, a limited number of Brandlehow students have the fantastic opportunity to enjoy their first musical experience on an amazing instrument... THE VIOLIN! The course is open to beginners from 4 up to 11 years old. No previous music training is required and we provide everything you need so that your child can get the best possible first taste of the wonderful world of music.

There are currently over 40 violinists at Brandlehow Primary School enrolled in the Course. They have 2 performances every academic year, prepare to sit Music Medals and Graded Exams and get ready to play in ensemble and orchestral projects.

brandlehowviolincourseBrandlehow is a community primary school funded by the London Borough of Wandsworth. It is located in Putney, in a quiet residential area close to Wandsworth Park and the River Thames. Brandlehow's Outstanding Ofsted Report (Jan 2011) reflects how much all staff members care about the quality of the education provided.

In the hands of an excellent teacher, group violin lessons are one of the most enjoyable and rewarding ways to have your first music experience. The course leader Luisa Faraguna is not only a highly experienced professional violin performer but also a passionate and dedicated music educator.

The Course includes 2 violin lessons per week that guarantees a better understanding and faster progress for young students. There 30 instrumental tuition weeks per academic year plus 2 events. Please see the calendar for further details. All students will take part in the Christmas Concert in December & Summer Violin Performance in July at the end of the Violin Course.

Violin Course Time-Table
-Small Group Lessons (30 minutes per lesson) Wednesdays between 9.00 - 3.15pm
-Large Group Lesson (30 minutes per lesson) Wednesdays between 3.30 - 5.30pm
Please note that for children from Reception to Year 2, one adult will be required to accompany the child. For older children, an adult may attend the lesson if they wish.

Please follow this link and login to access your time slot in our schedule.

Practicing and the roll of the parent
Parents are very welcome to attend after school lessons in order to observe what has been taught. As a parent your role is to ensure that home practice is done in the most effective way. The Students’ Area with your login code will enable you to access the homework guide and pages plus information about events, calendar and schedule. The progress of such young students and committed parents is just astonishing! On the other hand, no progress can be guaranteed without establishing a regular practice habit.

Through experience we have found that children whose parents show an active interest in their child’s music education, and who ensure that the homework routine is properly established, are much more likely to enjoy the lessons and make excellent progress. We recommend a short amount of home practice every day:

  • Reception - 10min per day
  • Year 1 – 15min per day
  • Year 2 – 20min per day
  • Year 3 – 25min per day
  • Year 4 – 30min per day
  • Year 5 – 35min per day
  • Year 6 – 40min per day
  • Our course materials and website support will help parents maximise the benefits of lessons and get the most out of home practice. I am always happy to give detailed instructions and to answer any questions regarding home practice at the end of the group lessons and also via email.

    *Brandlehow Violin Course reserves the right to stop any student who is causing trouble in class that has a detrimental effect to others’ learning.

    Reception Course Materials
    Parents can purchase the Violin Course Materials from the Internet. Please make sure you buy the Second Edition of My Beginners Book, available on Amazon:

    mybeginnersbook New Students Violin Folder should include:
    -Homework Notebook
    -Pencil and rubber
    -My Beginners Book 1- Violin SECOND EDITION
    -My Beginners Book 1 - CDs (performance & play along) SECOND EDITION

    Please make sure your child brings their folder to every lesson and that they understand what we are learning and what they are expected to practise in between lessons to progress positively and smoothly.

    Violin Purchase and Rentals
    Ritz Music can provide all the violins for the course and the violin tutor will make sure that all the set ups and sizing for the students are always perfect. You may also be able to purchase or sell your violin to another student in the violin course. If you are unsure about the violin size for your child or need further information please contact Luisa.
    If you are renting from Ritz Music Shop you will be able to swap for a larger size violin when required without any extra fee. The violin rental cost is to be arranged privately and Brandlehow students have a special price of £8 per month with discounted purchase options after 3 months. For further information and to book your violin please contact Simon Taylor.

    All students will take part in both the Winter Concert and Summer Violin Performance at Brandlehow Primary School Hall. During these fantastic occasions they will be able to demonstrate their talent and how much they have learned and achieved during the Violin Course! Families are very welcome to attend concerts.

    *Details of the events will be posted in the Events Section. Please check regularly for updates, thank you.